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Why Equipserv?

We employ the best people, tools and methodologies to ensure that all our customers obtain the maximum value from their waste handling and back stage operations. We believe that there are several reasons why we have the insight and expertise to transform your business:

Our People

Our customers receive support from consultants, technologists and operational personnel who have extensive experience in various manufacturing environments. Our proven ability to put theory into practice will make the difference to the success of your business.

Our operational experience

Extensive operational experience and an unparalleled range of practical skills and expertise help us to provide innovative solutions to maximise your performance.

Our tools and techniques

The proprietary technology and intellectual property behind our tools, techniques and processes have been distilled from supporting a huge variety of waste handling operations throughout the UK. They are proven, innovative and robust, and deliver tangible bottom-line benefits.

Our track record

We are developing an enviable track record in delivering SMR excellence in manufacturing and production processes throughout the UK.

Used-oil analysis

Analysis of oil taken from plant machinery has proved to be one of the most effective ways of trending wear and determining wear-particle origin. By analysing the condition of wear particle the root cause of wear can often be identified and preventive steps can be taken.

For example, used-oil analysis could be used to identify:

  • Coolant leaks - through the presence of coolant
  • Engine or transmission wear - from particulates

Moreover, because an aged lubricant damages machinery instead of protecting it, used-oil analysis also reveals the condition of the oil and helps to optimise service intervals.

Improving Performance

With our sophisticated SMR techniques we have helped customers to benefit from:

  • Fewer breakdowns as a result of proactive detection of impending failure
  • Greater productivity through enhanced uptime
  • Reduced costs because of better planning and scheduling of maintenance, and confidence to extend maintenance intervals
  • Superior equipment performance by means of the rapid diagnosis of machine inefficiencies and faults
  • Prolonged machine life through optimised maintenance scheduling
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased safety through improved equipment integrity
  • Reduced or deferred capital expenditure through superior asset utilisation

Adding value

Our experienced consultants will review the way your plant currently operates and consider best practices from many sectors throughout the UK. Our approach can unlock performance improvements across all stages of your waste handling processes. We can deliver:

  • Improved maintenance planning
  • Increased productivity through fewer breakdowns
  • Enhanced equipment life expectancy
  • Increased mean time between failures
  • Reduced spares inventory
  • Streamlined, more efficient manufacturing processes
  • Optimised resource and manpower planning
  • Greater return on capital employed and reduced capital expenditure
  • Increased safety resulting from improved plant integrity
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